Casino Hire FAQ

We hope our frequently asked questions help you with planning your special event.

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How does the money work in a Fun Casino?

No real money is involved with a fun casino.
You and your guests use 'fun money' to exchange for chips supplied by our professional croupiers.
At the end of the gaming session, the guest with the most chips left wins a prize.

Is it necessary to have an understanding of casino gaming?

Not at all!
Our trained croupiers will explain how the games are played to your guests.
By the end of the night, they will all be professional players!

How many tables would I need?

Choosing the right amount of tables can be tricky, but a good rule of thumb is to have one table for every 30 - 50 guests.
Maybe more tables if it is a corporate event or if it is the main source of entertainment.

Can younger guests play?

Of course they can!
Guests of all ages can join in on the fun as we operate a fun casino with no real gambling.
Usually the younger guests win the prize.

Is the casino table hire affordable?

We offer top quality service at highly competitive prices.
We can tailor our services to meet the needs of your budget and can go from a single table up to 10 tables or more if you want!

Do I need a Licence to run?

No restrictions or licenses are required as we simply provide themed entertainment.
You do not need a gaming licence to have a fun casino.
With more than 30 years within the gaming industry we are very knowlegable regarding gaming licences.
Unlike other companies we are able to explain social responsibility laws and gambling legallities.

Do you do events for stag and hen parties?

Yes! Our poker nights are especially popular for stag parties.

Can I have my casino outside?

Yes, but the tables will need to be under cover in case of rain or strong sun.
The cards can be blown away if there is a bit of a breeze!
We have provided casinos in marquees without any problems.

How long does a fun casino normally last?

Our standard casino runs for three continuous hours.

Can I have more than three hours casino time?

Yes! There will be an extra charge of £35 per table, per hour (or part thereof), plus a 15 minute break for each croupier within your casino time.
If you're not sure if you will definitely require more casino time, just let us know before your event.
We will need to let our croupiers know they may need to be flexible when they finish.
Of course, you are not obliged to hire us for extra time should you not need it.

What can I offer as a prize?

You can offer anything except cash.
Examples include TV's, Holidays, Drinks or bottles of champaigne, Hampers, Ipads etc… the list is endless.

Are Croupiers Included?

Yes, we include croupiers in all our fun casino hire and rental packages.
We can provide croupiers for as long as you require, but the standard time is 3 hours.

Are your casino tables free standing?

Yes, all of our casino tables are free standing on their own legs.
They can fit comfortably in most rooms, clubs, pubs and function halls.
And if the weather permits, we can set them up outside!

Is fun money included?

Yes, we include standard fun money in all our packages, we can also do customized fun money should you require it.

Will you make the whole night incredibly enjoyable?

Yes, we look after every aspect from set-up to operation to removal.
You really do have very little to worry about, book a venue, invite your guests and we will ensure they have a fun time!

Do you offer custom packages?

We have provided casino hire prices here but these are only a guideline.
If you have specific requests (and most people usually do) then contact us and we'll come up with a tailor made package for you.

What Is Included?

We include up to three hours play-time, delivery, set-up, and removal of the tables.
Fun money, and trained croupiers to deal on the tables.
We do have many extras including event lighting, sound systems, themes and props, photographers, red carpets , the list goes on.
Contact us for more information.